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20th April2006

Home Sweet Home

After the coughing episode the previous Friday, I went home a couple of days later on the Sunday to give it another try. Having realised that I really have to take things easy, I did a lot less at home. Basically I just sat around all day. Living in a house with stairs, meant I had to plan where I'd be spending my day as walking up the stairs was too difficult to do more than a couple of times.

Apart from sitting around and reading there wasn't much else I could do, but I as I took it easier, I managed to enjoy the stay at home and had a good night's sleep.

Spending time at home was great, so returning back to hospital wasn't so fun, especially when you've got the hospital menu to look forward to. By this point I was feeling so run down, I was having difficulty taking a shower or shaving without having to sit down. Even standing still was possible for half-a-minute before I was out of breath.

It turned out my haemoglobin had fallen quite low. Normally it's around 15 when I'm healthy, but it had fallen to 8.5, about the level at which blood transfusions are given. So I received two units of blood.

Wow, what a difference that made. The next morning having a shower wasn't really an issue and despite being weak, I felt as though I had more energy. Feeling good is when you suddenly realise that you've got to get out of hospital. Finally after feeling so crappy for so long, I wanted out.

So today after getting the all clear from the doctors I left hospital.