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Ever wondered how many different types of drugs are used in bone marrow transplant procedure?

Have a look at the history of my blood during and after the transplant.

Diary Archive
The diary documents my experiences with CML from diagnosis in May 2000 right through to all the treatments and the subsequent recovery. Initially I started the diary as a way of allowing friends and family to keep tabs on my progress, especially when I went to hospital for my bone marrow transplant. However, the diary should give anyone interested a fairly good insight in to what is really feals like undergoing a transplant. You may be about to become a patient and want to know what's in store for you or you might just be interested in finding out more about bone marrow transplants.

Now that I have passed the one year mark, the diary entries will become less frequent, with updates around once every four to six weeks. There is simply not much to write about unless of course there have been any unexpected occurances.

May 2000 - Jan 2002
Jan 2002 - Mar 2002
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