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The Story so Far...
Welcome to my Leukaemia pages. My name is Chris Walles, and I set up the site after I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) back in May 2000. I was 'fortunate' to have been diagnosed by chance rather than by symptom. People who are diagnosed from their symptoms tend to have a more advanced state of Leukaemia, so I was lucky enough to continue a normal life while decisions were made as to what course of treatment to follow.

I was 26 years old at diagnosis, and opted for a bone marrow transplant knowing that it was the only option (albeit a risky one) for a complete cure, provided a matching donor could be found on the registries. My brother was not a match, therefore we waited 18 months before finding a suitable donor for the operation. In the meantime I was on hydroxyurea pills until I received my bone marrow in February 2002 at the Hammersmith Hospital in London from a German woman whom I didn't know through the international register.

It's now been over four years since the transplant. I made an excellent physical recovery, albeit a couple of stones lighter. However within eight months of the transplant the leukaemia started to become detectable, and a relapse commenced. 12 Months post transplant I received more treatment in the form of donor lymphocyte infusions (DLI). The first DLI didn't work. A second DLI transfusion six months later also didn't have the desired effect. The third DLI transfusion in February 2004 has been successful in-so-far as the leukaemia has gone, and now I'm fighting the effects of lung GVHD and a couple of serious lung infections.
May 2006

About the Site
If you are reading this, then you're either family or a friend who wants to keep upto date with my progress or you're a patient or relative/friend of a patient who wants an idea of how someone else has battled against Leukaemia and gone through a bone marrow transplant.

The majority of the site consists of my diary entries before, during and after my bone marrow transplant. There's also some information on Leukaemia (although this hasn't been updated for a while.), and some suggestions on how to prepare for a bone marrow transplant that I found useful. I hope this site will inform you a bit more and give you more understanding of what many people have to go through.

You may have noticed that there haven't been any updates for quite some time. That's down to my laziness, however it hasn't all been a case of 'no news is good news.' The diary is up-to-date once again.

Latest Update 2012
On 21st June 2009, Summer Solstice, Christopher passed on after battling GVHD which had damaged his lungs beyond any hope of repair.He spent his last week at Princess Alice Hospice in Esher where they took great care in helping Christopher feel as comfortable as was possible. In the interim period i let this site go offline. I was prompted to get the site back after an old school friend went to meet other friends for a specific reunion. It was only when i looked at the links section did i realise how important it is this resource stays available for other people to look at regardless of reason. I have not edited the links yet, but to say only a handful are still available does not bode well. Not all of the site is working but i will spend some time to try get all the functions working. If you feel that you need to get in contact then please email me at webmaster@walles.co.uk Michael