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Leukaemia in Pictures
 Last night at home.
 Butcher of Baghdad
 Steptoe and Son
 The Day Room
 The Hickman Line
 Radiographers: Pete, Jodey, Steff, Brett
Take one patient, and cook gently for 7 mins then turn around. Repeat six times until light brown.
What really goes on
 After the last fraction of TBI, the waiting begins
 Rest day before the transplant.
 Preparing the line for the bone marrow.
Life Blood
The transplant itself
Nasal Gastric feeding tube used when you can't chew or swallow.
 Probably reaching the lowest point of the procedure
'Super Nurse' Denise
 Gill & Ulrika
Shevan on her daily rounds
 Thinner, bald and glad to be home
 200 days later, this is how I should look
 1 Year Old
 1st Anniversary Celebrations.
 Back to Full Fitness.
[MPG 600kb]
 2 Years old, and a 3rd DLI Infusion.